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Survivor Stories

Ida Cash

As I reflect over the past ten years, the fact that I triumphed over breast cancer has encouraged me to live my life with a new found zest. I try to focus on the positive aspects of life, and have deliberately chosen not to remember all the details of my breast cancer journey.

Hilda Moran

I discovered a mass in my right breast at the worst of times; I was on vacation in Mexico with my daughter Ana Maria. I remember waking up, walking to the balcony in our room and feeling a lot of pain in my breast. Since we were on vacation, and because I did not want to ruin my daughter’s enjoyment, I tried to ignore the pain and continue with our day’s plan.

Mary Caldwell

In June 2012, I went in for my yearly mammogram and the results showed everything was normal. Later that year, I casually ran my hand across my right breast, and felt a lump. The very next morning I scheduled an appointment with my doctor.

Tamara B. Rodriguez

If I had to use 2 words to describe myself before my diagnosis, it would have been: independent and feminine. After my diagnosis, at the age of 35, I felt weak. My doctors recommended a double mastectomy and six months of chemotherapy. I would lose my hair and my breasts.

Tiffany Davis

My name is Tiffany Davis and I am a 30 year old Miami Native. While making the transition from college to career I noticed a small lump in the axilla of my left armpit. After a series of tests, it was confirmed that the lump and two other targeted areas were positive for breast cancer. Though I had family history of cancer, I never thought this would be my story. I was devastated when I was diagnosed at the age of 28.

Juana Urbina

was diagnosed with Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer in 2015. From the time of my diagnosis, I learned to have greater faith.