Survivor Stories

Mary Caldwell

In June 2012, I went in for my yearly mammogram and the results showed everything was normal. Later that year, I casually ran my hand across my right breast, and felt a lump. The very next morning I scheduled an appointment with my doctor.

Tamara B. Rodriguez

If I had to use 2 words to describe myself before my diagnosis, it would have been: independent and feminine. After my diagnosis, at the age of 35, I felt weak. My doctors recommended a double mastectomy and six months of chemotherapy. I would lose my hair and my breasts.

Tiffany Davis

My name is Tiffany Davis and I am a 30 year old Miami Native. While making the transition from college to career I noticed a small lump in the axilla of my left armpit. After a series of tests, it was confirmed that the lump and two other targeted areas were positive for breast cancer. Though I had family history of cancer, I never thought this would be my story. I was devastated when I was diagnosed at the age of 28.

Juana Urbina

was diagnosed with Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer in 2015. From the time of my diagnosis, I learned to have greater faith.

Cynthia Fernandez

I discovered a hard mass in my right breast while performing a monthly self-awareness exam. My findings were strange and I was immediately frightened. I was stunned, but when I finally came to, I instinctively knew to pick up the phone to call my mom.

Holly DeWitt

2015 can easily be described as one of the worst years of my life. There were several concerns weighing down on me, but on October 2015 I found out that the rollercoaster ride was just about to begin. No words can describe the whirlwind of emotions when the doctor told me I had breast cancer.