Age: 615_Juana M Urbina
Profession: Homemaker
Type of Breast Cancer: Estrogen Receptor Positive, Left Breast
Number of years as a survivor: 2 years
Relationship to Susan G. Komen: Race participant

I was diagnosed with Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer in 2015. From the time of my diagnosis, I learned to have greater faith. I am sure that being a survivor is a second opportunity God has gifted me; a true miracle.

During the most adverse moments of my diagnosis and treatment, I never allowed the cancer to overpower me. I stayed focused on my faith, and asked for strength. I used positive thinking to reassure myself that all the pain and discomfort from the treatment was going to be temporary.

Being a survivor affected my life in an uplifting manner. I have learned to value life, not just for the things that affect me and my loved ones, but also for people I may never meet. I have more compassion for people’s suffering. Whether they are afflicted by horrible diseases, such as cancer, or in distress, I keep everyone in my prayers.

My faith and family kept me going through my breast cancer journey. The hope that I would see my grandchildren grow and be a part of their future fueled my desire to keep fighting and be strong. I received a downpour of enthusiasm, positivism and support from my husband, children, family, and friends. I am grateful to have had their encouragement and love.

If I could describe one word to describe my breast cancer journey, it would be hope. Hope that I would beat this disease/ My journey has also given me faith. Faith that my story can attest to the miracle God has done in me. A story that I wish to share with as many women as necessary, until they too find the strength to keep fighting against breast cancer!