Ana Sara Hauer

Age: 55
Profession: Homemaker
Type of Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer
Year of Diagnosis: 2009
Number of years as a survivor: 8
Relationship to Susan G Komen: Race participant; Receives services at Komen Grantee

My name is Ana Sara, and I am a Breast Cancer Survivor!

I was diagnosed in 2009 at age 47, but the news belittled me to the point where I felt like a child. I cried uncontrollably for many days because I was scared and fearful of what my life would be. Nothing made sense, I was confused and depressed. The only thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to die.

Through my journey, the care of my beloved husband George Steven, my father, my brother, my grandmother, and my mother-in-law kept me focused on getting better. The emotional support they provided me fueled the strength I needed during such a difficult moment. With time, I started to transform into a warrior, somehow I became brave, and told myself that with positivity I would fight for my life.

After eight years, I am relieved to be free of the silent killer that is Cancer. Being a survivor means that all my efforts to complete my treatments were successful. I am alive also due to the staff at Jackson Memorial, without their support I would not be able to call myself a survivor. Also, the support from my peers and fellow cancer survivors, allowed me to feel productive and independent. After the diagnosis, the group aided me to feel accepted into “everyday activities” that then seemed foreign and helped to bring normalcy to my life.

As a survivor, I feel incredibly proud to be able to give a message of faith and hope for all, men and women, who are currently facing this disease. I encourage all patients to have confidence and continue fighting for your life. Do not give up!

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