Betty Stover

Type of Breast Cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
Year of Diagnosis: 2008
Number of years as a survivor: 10

My breast cancer journey started in April 2008 with a diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. My family lives out of state, so I relied on friends, church family, and the support group Your Bosom Buddies, who gave my life meaning to keep moving forward.

After my diagnosis, I learned to focus on the important things in life – my family, church family, and friends. It is evident to me that friendships have a definite role in a person’s health and well-being. The positive psychological impact these friendships provided proved invaluable to me during my treatments, easing the fears, and becoming an essential influence in my diagnosis and recovery. Friendship meant phone calls, events to attend, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to mentor and guide through their journey.

My children, grandchildren, and 3 great grandsons were very supportive. My church family made sure I knew I was never alone in my journey. Knowing God was with me, with love, and spiritual healing, made the journey easy. They definitely were with me throughout my treatment with love, caring, support, and encouragement. My family and friends have inspired me to spread the word that there is hope. With faith, strength, courage, and a positive attitude, you will have the courage to fight this dreaded disease.

The message I share with all women is to be diligent in keeping follow up visits and testing with doctors to remain cancer free. My life has been shaped by this diagnosis, and new friendships have continued for 10 years. We work, play, laugh, and cry together making memories to last forever. With my strong faith and many close friends, I can truthfully say “breast cancer was the best thing to happen to me, and my life is better for it!”

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