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Pink Tie Guys – Class of 2017

Susan G. Komen® Miami/Ft. Lauderdale is proud to announce our 2017 Pink Tie Guys Inaugural Class. These KoMEN are engaged in the cause and give the breast cancer movement a male voice; further invoking the urgency of finding a cure.

Carter Wiggins
  Owner, Carter Wiggins & Associates, P.A.

Craig Tanner
  Owner, Print Basics

David Williams Jr
  Councilman, Miami Gardens

Derick McKoy Sr
  Principal, Eneida Hartner Elementary

Jason A. Spiegel
  Managing Partner, Freebee

Jason Padilla
  Business Development, Beefree Media

Reinaldo Jimenez Jr
Principal, The Jimenez Group


Solomon Howard
  Chief Strategist, Divorce Settlement LLC



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