Ida Cash

Age: 86 10_Ida Cash
Profession: Retired High School Guidance Counselor
Type of Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer
Number of years as a survivor: 10 years
Relationship to Susan G. Komen: Race participant, Receives services from Komen

As I reflect over the past ten years, the fact that I triumphed over breast cancer has encouraged me to live my life with a new found zest. I try to focus on the positive aspects of life, and have deliberately chosen not to remember all the details of my breast cancer journey. At the time of my diagnosis, I was dealing with the death of my son and leaned on my family and God for reassurance. More importantly, the grief from the loss of my child didn’t allow me to focus on any negativity related to breast cancer.

Thankful seems inadequate in describing how much I appreciate life. With God’s help I’ve been able to persevere. My family played a key role in my survivorship. I can’t imagine my journey without their continued love and encouragement. We were all grieving at the time, but trusting God brought us through it.

For me, being victorious in this battle for my life meant that I absolutely would not give up anything.  I stuck to my routine, continued to attend and participate at my church by playing the piano every Sunday. I attended my sorority meetings and affairs. Travelling with my daughter was another part of my routine that I refused to give up. More than anything I continued spending time with my family.  I was determined to stay focused and make any necessary adjustments.

Faith is the one word that appropriately describes my breast cancer journey. My faith gave me strength and unflinching resolve to fight for my life. I never thought that breast cancer would kill me and I appreciate every moment I’ve been blessed with. I am delighted to declare that I never had a hard time because of my faith in God.

This monumental challenge increased my faith in God and gave me the strength to survive.  I am certain that I couldn’t have possibly beat cancer on my own.