Keila Bautista

My name is Keila Bautista.

“If you are calling me 2 days ahead of time for test results, this cannot be good.”
– My response when I received phone call from my doctor, not the assistant within 72 hours after my biopsy.

I’ve procrastinated writing this as I did not think I was ready to deal with what has happened emotionally since that date; this has been my proof through fire. Everything has been on autopilot since 2016. I knew what needed to happen and was on a path for resolutions. Being a single parent, I’ve had to be strong as I am responsible of 2 young boys which I love dearly.

That phone call from the doctor was the only day I dealt emotionally with what was going to happen for the next 12 months of my life. I still call it my “pity party.” I was scared, not only for myself and what would happen, but for my children, my sister (my biggest supporter, partner in crime) and my family. I had to fight and get on the other side of this. Emotions were not part of that equation for me or an option at the time. When friends/acquaintances find out what you are going through, many cry for you, feel sad for you, are proud of you; they can’t believe you are going through this. They tell you how brave you are, and the reality is that you are scared beyond belief and are not filtering any of it so that you can stay above it all.

I was very fortunate to have noticed right away that something was wrong through self-examination. I had 3 nodules which required a biopsy. I did not wait; I had a double mastectomy and was very fortunate due to early detection and wonderful doctors to not require further treatment.

Three years later, I find myself wanting to do more for those that are going through some similar situation. This new path happened mainly due to my sister joining in helping others that may not have the privilege or means of having health insurance cover most of the cost for diagnosis, surgery, or treatment. Cancer requires us to do the utmost for a future cure. Every little bit we do counts!

Keila Bautista
Age: 43
Profession: Operations Manager
Type of Breast Cancer: DCIS
Year of Diagnosis: 2016
Relationship to Komen: Volunteer, Faces of a Warrior

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