Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale COVID-19 Action Fund2020-05-05T22:23:21+00:00

Your help is needed now, more than ever.

Susan G. Komen established the Komen COVID-19 Action Fund to support urgent needs among our breast cancer community today.


Who’s At Risk?

The coronavirus pandemic is new, unprecedented and confusing. Komen is committed to keeping you informed with the latest news and guidance as the situation evolves.

Those most vulnerable within the breast cancer community include those living with metastatic breast cancer, breast cancer patients and survivors. Certain breast cancer therapies can cause immune systems to be compromised both during and long after treatment ends.

You can help ensure support continues for those in need, including:


Komen’s breast care and clinical trial information helpline.


Helping patients stay in treatment through assistance programs.

Patient Support

Guiding patients through difficult decisions and providing social and emotional support.

Advocacy Efforts

Advocating for breast cancer patients, research, and needs among policy makers.

Research Funding

Funding for lifesaving research and clinical trials.


Take Precaution, What You Need to Know

Tips and Resources to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Understand Your Risks2020-03-31T15:55:22+00:00

Breast cancer patients are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Learn about coronavirus and your risks.

Mammography Screening Recommendations2020-03-31T15:56:16+00:00
  • To minimize exposure to COVID-19, Susan G. Komen suggests healthy women of average breast cancer risk who do not have signs of breast cancer delay their annual mammogram. At the same time, it’s just as important to know your normal and understand the warning signs of breast cancer to contact a doctor if you see changes.
  • Learn more about Komen’s recommendations and knowing your normal.
Reduce and Manage Stress2020-03-31T15:56:41+00:00

Undue stress may be experienced by anyone during this pandemic, especially by those more vulnerable to COVID-19. Learn how to reduce and manage stress.


What is the Komen COVID-19 Action Fund?2020-04-05T15:56:16+00:00

The Komen COVID-19 Action Fund provides people and organizations an opportunity to support the unique needs of breast cancer patients during this health and economic crisis. As the situation and effects of the crisis is ever-changing, the Fund enables Komen to meet the most urgent needs of the breast cancer community today, through a variety of patient-centered services, including our toll-free Breast Care and Clinical Trials Helpline, our national Treatment Assistance Program and also ensuring support and research continues in the future.

What is the Komen Breast Care Helpline and how does it work?2020-04-05T15:57:55+00:00
Komen’s Breast Care and Clinical Trials Helpline provides information, connection to needed resources and help with coping strategies related to anxiety or concerns during these uncertain times.
  • Anyone with questions about breast cancer is welcome to call this service, including breast cancer patients, survivors, those living with metastatic breast cancer, care givers and loved ones.
  • Patients with questions about clinical trials are also welcomed to call this service to better understand clinical trials and to learn what trials may be available and right for them.
  • Calls to the helpline are answered by a trained and caring oncology social workers in English or Spanish, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET.
  • Anyone can reach the helpline by phone at 1-877-GO-KOMEN (465-6636), or by email at helpline@komen.org.
What is Komen’s Treatment Assistance program and how does it help?2020-04-05T15:58:25+00:00
Susan G. Komen’s Treatment Assistance program helps bridge the gap for low-income, underinsured, or uninsured individuals who are actively undergoing breast cancer treatment by providing financial assistance.
  • Funds can be used for expenses that often serve as barriers to care, such as transportation, childcare, oral chemotherapy costs and co-pays, to help ensure patients are able to continue receiving the care they need.
  • Funding through this program helps patients of any age who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, at any stage of the disease. Financial assistance is granted to patients who meet pre-determined eligibility criteria, based on diagnosis and the Federal Poverty Level.
What is Komen advocating for during this crisis?2020-04-05T15:59:02+00:00
  • Protecting access to affordable, high-quality health care for all patients
  • Expanding funding for breast cancer research and expanding access to clinical trials
  • Making systemic changes to remove barriers to care and help address financial toxicity.
What research funding needs ongoing support?2020-04-05T15:59:48+00:00
  • More than 70 percent of Komen’s most recent research investment is focused on better understanding and developing new treatments for metastatic breast cancer.
  • Komen focused on accelerating research discoveries by leveraging technology and Big Data.
  • We are working to understand and overcome disparities in outcomes among different populations of breast cancer patients.
Is the Komen COVID-19 Action Fund only supporting Komen’s operating costs?2020-04-05T16:00:19+00:00
  • Komen is raising unrestricted funds to ensure that we have the flexibility to meet the most urgent needs of our breast cancer community during the evolving crisis.
  • In addition, funds will be utilized to ensure Komen is able to continue to support research and the needs of breast cancer patients in the months and years to come.
Why is Komen raising funds for breast cancer at a time when people are losing their jobs and focused on protecting themselves from COVID-19?2020-04-05T16:00:47+00:00
We understand that not everyone will have the interest or capacity to give, and that’s understandable. However, people facing breast cancer are uniquely impacted by this current health and economic crisis. Many are scared about being immune compromised due to their cancer treatment.
With schools closed, some cannot afford childcare and don’t want to risk taking their kids with them to treatment. Others are having procedures delayed and have concerns about the effect it will have on their treatment or need help discovering alternatives.
The reality is there are ripple effects of COVID-19 that negatively impact the breast cancer community. Komen is here to help, but only if we continue to have the financial resources available to be able to provide that support.
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