Noemi Karina Rada

Age: 40
Profession: Construction Estimator
Type of Breast Cancer: IDC, stage 2, triple negative, BRCA1+
Year of diagnosis:  2017
Relationship to Susan G Komen: La Liga Contra el Cancer


I was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago, the day before my daughter’s 8th birthday, after multiple tests and doctor’s appointments.  Cancer is definitely not a word you want to hear coming from your doctor, and the news was terrifying and shocking at the same time, first because I’ve always been very healthy; also, I’m young, but primarily because no one in my family had been diagnosed with breast cancer before. They were as shocked as me, but my family has been my rock throughout all the process, they’ve been battling this battle with me, and my two daughters are my reason to fight. I want to see them grow and succeed in life, I want to be there for every milestone in their life.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a very stressful situation and to make things worse, I don’t have any health insurance, now I have to figure out how to cover the cost of my surgery, treatments and countless testing. My sister created a fundraiser in my behalf that paid for the surgery, and after some searching, we found La Liga Contra El Cancer, it’s a nonprofit organization that helps patients like me who doesn’t have the resources. La Liga is one of many grantees assisted by Susan G Komen. It’s incredible to see all the hard work that has been put into motion so I can have peace of mind, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Cancer is a terrible thing to have, but I only allowed myself a few weeks of crying, depression and feeling pity for myself, after that, I changed my mindset and chose to see the good in the bad, the cup half full, the bright side in every situation, and all the blessings in disguise, I’ve met beautiful people along the way that are now my friends, I’ve been helped by people that don’t even know me, and I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life.  I’ve been supported by my boss and coworkers, they’ve been very patient and caring with me.  I’ve been really blessed in so many ways.

I still have a long way to recover fully, more surgeries to come, but one thing for sure, I won’t stop fighting, I’ll stay positive, I’ll keep smiling, laughing and enjoying life, treasuring every moment, and hopefully, my life experience will be an inspiration to others.

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