Rosa V. Storr

Age: 72 21_Rosa Storr
Profession: Retired Foreign Language Educator
Type of Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer
Number of years as a survivor: 25 years
Relationship to Susan G. Komen: Komen Supporter

God showered me with grace, mercy and favor by allowing me to survive breast cancer.  I’ve lost many friends, yet he chose to heal me.  I am so very grateful. I refuse to take one single day for granted.  I’ve deliberately chosen to live my life without sweating the small stuff. The little things that used to annoy me don’t matter anymore. I am in a much more peaceful place. I consider my life a gift that I’ve been given and I won’t waste a single solitary moment.

Survivorship forced me to take pause and be more tolerant of circumstances in life as well as people.  However, I am annoyed with people who constantly complain without ever being thankful, missing so many opportunities to express gratitude. Every day provides many opportunities to convey gratitude. I knew my life would change and I must say that my self-awareness has increased.

My cornerstone has been my faith and trust in God. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m still here only by the grace of God. The thought of what this journey would have been like on my own is daunting at best. I take comfort in knowing that I can count on God.

My resolve was strengthened. I refused to give up being the musician for my church, playing piano and organ for the choir and church programs. My students offered support that I couldn’t possibly anticipate as well as my colleagues. I was committed to my students. My sorority was another part of my support team and I remained active.

If I had to sum it all up with just one word to describe what sustained me through my breast cancer journey it would have to be faith. I made a spiritually conscious decision to trust in a power greater than myself.

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