Sabrina Cromartie

My name is Sabrina Cromartie.

My journey began in the year of 2017, when I noticed a lump under my arm while taking a shower. I made a mistake that many women make – I did not think it was that serious and I never thought cancercould happen to me.  I finally made my appointment and was immediately told to report to Memorial West Hospital. After several tests I received the call, “Ms. Cromartie, your test results came back, and you have breast cancer.”

“Ok,” I told the young lady, “I will be in the office.” After approximately ten minutes of sitting in space and praying, I called the office back and said, “you said I have breast cancer?” The young lady sighed and said, “yes, Ms. Cromartie, you have breast cancer.”

My first call was to my Pastor, Gregory Thompson, and the first words he uttered were: Lets Pray Sabrina.

From that point on until this day, my spiritual mode took over my entire being. I told God, “ok God lets beat this, I know we can” …and we did.

Having triple-negative breast cancer, which is aggressive, time was of the essence. The bilateral mastectomy was not a difficult task for me. However, the 16 weeks of chemotherapy and 26 treatments of radiation was another story. Without my Father, Mr. Morgan E. Richard, who accompanied me to every single chemotherapy treatment session, sat by my side throughout my surgeries and doctor appointments, and without my steadfast faith, I would not be the Survivor/Warrior I am today.  I also was blessed to have my Mother, Mrs. Mary E. Richard, as well as family members and friends send up sincere prayers for my recovery.

I decided to take my journey and use it to inspire and encourage other cancer patients by helping my Pastor’s vision come to reality. In 2016, Harvest For The Cure, Inc. (H4C) was birthed. H4C is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and education to the community at large and individuals coping with breast cancer/cancer. We aim to provide individuals with services and support to continue in their fight against cancer with assistance in their day to day needs. H4C has changed the lives of many individuals, and that has changed my life in such a positive way. I am honored and blessed beyond measures to serve.

“The Lord is My Light and My Salvation.”

Sabrina Cromartie
Age: 57
Profession: Retired Teacher
Type of Breast Cancer: Stage 4 Triple Negative
Year of Diagnosis: 2017
Involvement with Komen: Volunteer, Race Participant, Breast Cancer Activist


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